Digital Literacy and Computer Science Course Taking Dashboard

This dashboard displays data about K-12 students completing at least one Digital Literacy or Computer Science (DLCS) course in a given school or district. The first tab shows side-by-side comparisons of students enrolled in the state, school, or district compared to the students in the state, school, or district who are enrolled in a DLCS course. For example, in Massachusetts as a whole, female students are underrepresented in computer science, whereas male students are overrepresented in computer science. Use the dropdown menu to select a district or school of interest to see their participation in DLCS by student group, compared to their overall demographics. The second tab shows how participation in DLCS by student group has changed over time.
Note: For best viewing, open the dashboard in a new window.

About Digital Literacy and Computer Science

Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) knowledge, reasoning, and skills are essential both to prepare students for personal and civic efficacy in the 21st century and to prepare and inspire a much larger and more diverse number of students to pursue the innovative and creative careers of the future. In Massachusetts, DLCS instruction includes the areas of computing and society, digital tools and collaboration, computing systems, and computational thinking. To learn more about DLCS in Massachusetts, visit the DESE DLCS website.

Tips for using the dashboard

  • Navigate the dashboard using the tabs at the top. Click the buttons to toggle between percentage view and count view. Hover over the question mark icon in the top right corner for help and more information.
  • On the second tab, hover over a marker on the line graph to see more detailed information.
  • Start typing in the District or School search field to quickly find the institution you are looking for. Districts and schools with fewer than 6 students taking DLCS courses are not displayed.
  • For a full list of courses and subjects, see the Digital Literacy and Computer Science course list. For course descriptions, please see EPIMS Appendices G1 and G2.