Early College Data Dashboard

This dashboard breaks down student participation in Early College Designated Programs, credits they registered for, and credits earned. Select the tabs at the top of the dashboard to view data disaggregated by student group.
Note: For best viewing, open the dashboard in a new window.

What is Early College?

Early College programs combine traditional high school courses with an opportunity to simultaneously earn college credit at a college or university. A goal is to empower students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Early College participants experience and complete college level academic coursework on a clearly articulated pathway while gaining exposure to a variety of career opportunities. As of spring 2023, 27 institutions of higher education (IHE), 55 designated high schools, and three sending high schools participated in 50 Early College partnerships.

Tips for using the dashboard

  • Use the dropdown menus to select a semester and one, multiple or all partner K-12 schools and institutes of higher education (IHE)
  • Start typing in the search fields to quickly find a school or institution
  • Results are not shown if there are fewer than 6 students in a selected group, to protect student privacy
  • "Institution where credits are earned" shows where a student earned credits, which is sometimes at the designated partner school but also includes credits earned at other institutions if a student took classes outside the designed partnership