MCAS Data Explorer

Use this interactive chart to explore trends in MCAS results by school and district since 2017. To begin, choose a school or district from the drop-down menu (begin typing the name for a short list) and select a grade level and test subject (ELA, math, or science). Then from the Student Group filter, add "All Students" or any combination of categories of race/ethnicity, gender, English learner, students with disabilities, low-income, and more. Check "Apply" to set your filters and "Reset" to clear your options and start again.

Compare schools, grades, or subjects

These companion charts help you compare MCAS results across different factors. Choose an option below and use the filters to the right of the chart to select your view.   
  • MCAS Results by School: Select multiple schools or districts and a grade level, test subject, and student group. (Search tip: Make sure the schools serve the same grade levels to compare.)
  • MCAS Results by Grade: See how multiple grades within a school or district performed in a particular subject.
  • MCAS Results by Subject: Get a snapshot of student results across ELA, math, and science for a particular school, grade, and student group.

About MCAS

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests are given each spring to students in grades 3-8 and 10 in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, and — in certain years — science and technology/engineering. Scores fall into four ranges: not meeting expectations, partially meeting expectations, meeting expectations, and exceeding expectations. 
Statewide testing helps parents check their child's and school's progress. Statewide assessments also help the state know where to focus its efforts, whether that be on individual struggling schools or wide subject areas, like early reading or middle school math. The grade 10 tests are a statewide competency determination requirement for high school graduation. 
Students' individual MCAS results are available at their school and mailed home in October.

Data tips

If you enter a district name and don't see results, make sure you have selected an applicable grade and subject. Data is not shown for student groups fewer than 6 students to protect the privacy of students' results. 
Due to COVID-19, no MCAS tests were administered in 2020. Results for grade 10 are only available since 2019. For prior years, see the results of Legacy MCAS tests in School Profiles. Please refer to the Researcher's Guide to learn more about the data available.
To compare results between districts, try the District Analysis and Review Tool (DART).

Using the data

Take a screenshot to add this chart to your presentation or reports, or access and export data from the complete Next Generation MCAS Achievement Results dataset. For instructions and video, see our Getting Started page.